Monday, May 23, 2011

Bikinis and Ron Clark

So, I'm pretty cranky today. I can't exactly put my finger on what has irritated me so much, but I wish I didn't feel so ready for summer. I'm so ready for summer, that I am not even happy that it's almost summer. That's cranky. Trust me. It's days like this where I could eat the hell out of a giant bowl of cheese dip followed by a huge cerveza. Or margarita. Or both. Definitely both. (I'm trying out that whole honesty thing, remember?)
Therefore, I must look back to the bikini. Stay strong! No queso! No alcohol! Must...resist...

I am also looking for educational inspiration. This however has also lead to some crankiness...shocker, I'm sure! I googled Ron Clark, because that movie is just so darn inpirational-we're talking all kinds of tears-and I pull up an article from the AJC that talks about how the kids are picked for the Ron Clark Academy (his school here in Atlanta) and how even the parents are required to do community service and all kinds of stuff. Guess what? If I could pick my students' parents, I would have freakin' amazing test scores too. See there I go again.

Wrapping up- I'm ignoring my desperate desires for cheese dip and beer, and I am going to pull up my DVR'ed copy of the Ron Clark Story-trying to push out all my bitterness. Wish me luck!


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