Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bikinis and Teacher Workdays

I am pretty proud of myself today! Made it through another teacher workday. These are tough, because we all go out to eat for lunch. Yesterday was easy, I just said no. Today, however, was like entering the lion's den, I got offers to go to several places, and ended up going to Loco's...where my "regular" was a Chicken Philly with a side of cheesy fries and a sweet tea. With refills. Yum. Say it again? Yum. Anyway, I pulled up the bikini picture again, resisted the strong urges, even though my skinny friends offered tempting bites of their dishes, and got a steak fajita salad without the cheese and tortilla strips. To my complete surprise and satisfaction, I was delighted! It was fantastic and I felt so good about myself when I left.

Remind me though, next year, when I try to dust the classroom that looked like it hadn't been dusted in over three centuries, to let my paraprofessional do it for me like she offered. See, unlike me, she had great sense to know that I, with my HUGE allergy to...guess what? Yep, DUST! That I shouldn't be...wait for it...dusting?!?

Wrapping up- short post because of Idol and gLee finales tonight, but overall good day with great inspiration and a stuffy nose.

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