Friday, June 3, 2011

Bikinis and Beer

I'm gonna start with the bad news first: I cheated on my diet yesterday. Jen and I went to see Nic Cowan (who is freaking amazing btw) and well, I had beer. Plural. Like 5. Of course, I vomited the majority of them, but I still cheated. Oh well. I started back again today. I had fun, and I am still proud of myself for doing as well as I have been. See, it's summer break, which is why I haven't posted very often. Because I'm boring. And all my other grownup friends have jobs where they work during the day...and I am not bathing suit ready yet, which means no pool. I'm getting there though!
Which leads me to my good news! I had my 2nd week weigh-in today! I HAVE LOST TEN POUNDS! TEN! In TWO weeks! It's sooo encouraging! I can't wait to keep going! 40 pounds to go! Yay!!

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