Friday, June 3, 2011

Bikinis and Beer

I'm gonna start with the bad news first: I cheated on my diet yesterday. Jen and I went to see Nic Cowan (who is freaking amazing btw) and well, I had beer. Plural. Like 5. Of course, I vomited the majority of them, but I still cheated. Oh well. I started back again today. I had fun, and I am still proud of myself for doing as well as I have been. See, it's summer break, which is why I haven't posted very often. Because I'm boring. And all my other grownup friends have jobs where they work during the day...and I am not bathing suit ready yet, which means no pool. I'm getting there though!
Which leads me to my good news! I had my 2nd week weigh-in today! I HAVE LOST TEN POUNDS! TEN! In TWO weeks! It's sooo encouraging! I can't wait to keep going! 40 pounds to go! Yay!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bikinis and Teacher Workdays

I am pretty proud of myself today! Made it through another teacher workday. These are tough, because we all go out to eat for lunch. Yesterday was easy, I just said no. Today, however, was like entering the lion's den, I got offers to go to several places, and ended up going to Loco's...where my "regular" was a Chicken Philly with a side of cheesy fries and a sweet tea. With refills. Yum. Say it again? Yum. Anyway, I pulled up the bikini picture again, resisted the strong urges, even though my skinny friends offered tempting bites of their dishes, and got a steak fajita salad without the cheese and tortilla strips. To my complete surprise and satisfaction, I was delighted! It was fantastic and I felt so good about myself when I left.

Remind me though, next year, when I try to dust the classroom that looked like it hadn't been dusted in over three centuries, to let my paraprofessional do it for me like she offered. See, unlike me, she had great sense to know that I, with my HUGE allergy to...guess what? Yep, DUST! That I shouldn't be...wait for it...dusting?!?

Wrapping up- short post because of Idol and gLee finales tonight, but overall good day with great inspiration and a stuffy nose.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bikinis and Ron Clark

So, I'm pretty cranky today. I can't exactly put my finger on what has irritated me so much, but I wish I didn't feel so ready for summer. I'm so ready for summer, that I am not even happy that it's almost summer. That's cranky. Trust me. It's days like this where I could eat the hell out of a giant bowl of cheese dip followed by a huge cerveza. Or margarita. Or both. Definitely both. (I'm trying out that whole honesty thing, remember?)
Therefore, I must look back to the bikini. Stay strong! No queso! No alcohol! Must...resist...

I am also looking for educational inspiration. This however has also lead to some crankiness...shocker, I'm sure! I googled Ron Clark, because that movie is just so darn inpirational-we're talking all kinds of tears-and I pull up an article from the AJC that talks about how the kids are picked for the Ron Clark Academy (his school here in Atlanta) and how even the parents are required to do community service and all kinds of stuff. Guess what? If I could pick my students' parents, I would have freakin' amazing test scores too. See there I go again.

Wrapping up- I'm ignoring my desperate desires for cheese dip and beer, and I am going to pull up my DVR'ed copy of the Ron Clark Story-trying to push out all my bitterness. Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bikinis and Scales

I've done it now. I got on the dreaded scale. I've resisted the dratted thing for months now, knowing that I had gained weight throughout the wedding planning process and even before. I could make excuses for myself, but hey, why not start being honest? I stress eat, eat when I'm bored, eat when I'm happy, eat when I'm sad. I eat. Too much. Oh, and I hate food that is actually good for me. That might have something to do with it too.

Anyway, I got on the stupid scale and was unable to avoid the huge number staring back at me. Damn it. I weigh too much, and it is time to do something about it. Truly, completely and whole-y do something about it. No cheating, no avoidance, but perseverance. So I started the Take Shape For Life plan, after advice from a friend/co-worker. What does this mean? It means that I have to learn to eat the correct amounts of the correct stuff. Yep, you guessed it, vegetables. I have to eat vegetables-and not the vegetables that are actually carbs and starches that I had convinced myself that they are good for me. Nope, GREEN vegetables. 3 servings of them a day to be specific.

Say it with me- "Ewwwwwww"

But this is where inspirations come in. Since I no longer want to be the Snooki of the group (ya know, the one that's got a great personality on Jersey Shore, but has to (or should) wear a one piece and cover-up because she's not as in shape as the others), I have picked out a bikini. No screeching and covering your eyes please. I am posting the picture of the bikini instead of wearing it!

I have also been blog surfing and found a ton of great recipes that incorporate the Lean and Green meal (part of TSFL) that camoflauges green veggies into things that I have previously enjoyed-like breadsticks made of cauliflower. I know it probably won't be exactly the same, but that's what got me in trouble in the first place.

Wrapping up- I'm fat, but I have a plan to get in shape. I have my inspirations, and I have my encouragement. Here's to bikinis.